Are you unsure what to say, or how to say it? Do you wonder what the impact of your words could/would yield? Do others seem naturally gifted with golden eloquence while you're begrudgingly reduced to vulgar, boring diatribe? Are you scared to voice your opinion or thoughts due to the belief that what you have to offer isn't enough?

It may seem like the influence of knowledge is reserved for the educated, wealthy, powerful, or professionally elevated. This is so far removed from the truth it's almost laughable...oh wait, it is laughable. Storytelling exists as nothing more than sharing one personal aspect of life with another. All that requires is a means to communicate, the confidence to do so, and the trust and love in yourself to let those precious parts go.

Improvisational comedy inherently relies on the existence of NO PREORDAINED SCRIPT. We thrive on the possibilities our imagination creates, but more importantly, on the personal lives and history we've actively lived. We learned this a long time ago that if you are passionate about something, there will always be another just as passionate. At the very least. This means that your unique life will offer more gold than all the fabricated crap forced into the world. To create good stories you simply need to believe in and create yourself. We can help with that.