Are you concerned that you have no imagination? Do you see others as having the greater gifts of creativity, wonder, passion, or drive? Do you wonder where good ideas come from, how they survive, or how they are generated? How do you associate the need to create with the statuses of life?

Many of us hear repeatedly how unique and different we are, and many of us are denied such compliments. Many of us are told that we should stick to our lot in life and be grateful for what we've been given, resigning ourselves to some anti-promotional attitude we believe can never be overcome. Perhaps we condemn or praise our genes, upbringing, education, dispositions, or talents as the source of our only potential achievement in this life.

Improvisational comedy is terrifying to practically every new aspirer solely because of one thing we hear over and over again. "I could never do that because I can't think on my feet that quickly, or that well!" While we do believe that comedy is a talent possessed by many in varying degrees, our concern with this statement isn't the talent, but the fixed mindset that one "could never achieve such feats" simply because they've convinced themselves that's the truth of the matter. They've given up in destructive fashion before allowing them the opportunity to prove themselves wrong. We know, and we have seen on multiple occasions, that the ability or skill to use our brains, to create, imagine, generate, or any other plethora of cerebral verbs is just that: an ability and a skill. With hard work, a change in attitude, courage in the face of difficulty and adversity, any person is capable of unlocking their creative potential. We don't all create in the same way, and we don't expect everyone to become Robin Williams. We have the skills to introduce the freedom of perspectives.