Do you find yourself more confused than when you started after conversing with someone? Do social cues, interactions, professional scenarios, and verbal situations leave you wondering what just happened? Do you dread the beginnings because of insecurities, inadequacies, or fear?

Listening is the crux of humanity and the crutch of many within humanity's grasp. It appears as a cloaked behemoth; this unachievable position that everyone talks about but no one knows how to achieve. It daunts even the most capable person because every time they bring it to bear it's different. We love that the world is full of diversity but we hate that people aren't as easy to understand as we are to ourselves. 

Improvisational comedy cannot exist without a team, ensuring it's purpose and identity as a team sport. And like every team sport, it isn't unique in the obvious that the only way it will flourish is when all members of the team are working together on the same page. However, as improvisers are only ever presented with a blank page to work with, the premise of teamwork becomes more than implied. It functions more as a keystone instead of a preferred guideline. We truly learn to listen to each other or we do not go far. We have the experience to know that we're not the perfect listeners, but we are perfectly equipped to provide the necessary environment and exercises to profoundly practice this skill. Practice it, and make it alive outside of the workshop.