A universal language. A lifesaver, past time, hobby, career, an afterthought, personal expression, safe space, lifeline, and overall fun and relative experience.

Humor resides within every person, though the parameters can never fully be outlined. The definition of one's funny bone only ever solely realized by that particular individual. However, we find in every corner of the world multiple people sharing the same laugh, the same interest, the same passionate expression, and we find those special people able to tap into this laughter. This is the overwhelming power of comedy.

We do not herald improvisational comedy as the best, or end-all-be-all of comedy. We don't advocate a singular, primordial, dominant art in what we use or teach. Instead, we've committed ourselves to it so happily that we've learned to see how it can provide our lives a more rich, empowered, emotional, and profound life. We love what we do within our realm of comedy, and we know what it will offer to the desiring student. We know the depth of our statements because of their personal connection to us. We've seen comedy save lives, conquer despair, enhance professional performance, enrich relationships, improve school application, and add much-needed mirth to a world shrouded in offense and misery. Our comedy isn't the absolute best, but if you ask us, it's one of the best things we could possibly participate in. Without it, we are less. With it, we are insane in the best ways possible.