Listening-Based Approach

We work with your unique needs and then challenge you toward the next step. Tell us where you see room for improvement on your team and we'll create a custom workshop.


Equip people everywhere with the tool of improvisation.


We aim to empower, endow, and positively enable our clients to simulate situations and experience the full gamut of human emotions.

Our workshops provide the chance to learn about yourself and the human condition while building bonds and relationships with those around you. 


Don't get complacent. Don't "put Baby in a corner." Embrace your life's activity.


Welcome to Finding Parallels

Improvisation is an extension of what we do every day, multiple times a day. Many view improv as purely an artistic function, or a comedic property that only a few gifted individuals possess. We can tell you that this is not true. Everyone is capable of improvising because everyone already does.

Our approach is adapted from our personal love of improv comedy. The very title of "Finding Parallels" provides you the first aspect of what we encourage and provide: that of the mirroring of life in Improvisational Art.

Laughter has a unique position in the world as a universal language, but so much more around it goes unnoticed. The love, confidence, trust, communication, listening, creativity, wit, teamwork, camaraderie, adventure, and of course, the comedy that this art-form requires to flourish, catches most people unaware. At Finding Parallels we don't focus on the comedy; we focus on the person.

Our clients appreciate the fun, unique, and safe atmosphere that accompanies our services. Using laughter we approach many facets of subconscious training and provide tools to bringing about change and growth.

Join our workshops. Start at your beginning. See the differences a little faith, courage, and action can bring.