Bryce Hess

I am the founder, owner, and chief operator of Finding Parallels. I created this company solely to provide support and empowerment to the community when it comes to personal development and acquiring life skills. My credentials include twelve years of improv experience with performances all over Utah and the management of two Improv Troupes. I've also taught in informal settings since I was fourteen---martial arts, religion, leadership, improv---with students ranging from children to adults.

My direct association teaching high school kids, along with my experiences in professional business and personal relationships, inspired me to expand my improv workshops on a personal and professional level. I love that sometimes all we need is a slightly different perspective to help the puzzle-pieces fall to place.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my wife, Lauren, and our dog and cat. We both love to ride our Harley Davidson, go for walks and hikes, watch movies, and talk about intriguing subjects. Along with improv, I participate in martial arts, filmmaking, and writing (with one book self-published).

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