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We work with what you give us and then challenge you toward the next step. Using an array of communication and improv skills that offer you the tools for success, we'll encourage you into your best.

My Story

Hello to the weary traveler. My name is Bryce Hess and I welcome you to Finding Parallels! I am a storyteller and educator enthusiast. I love questions. I love comedy. I love building up a person. I love the "Aha!" moments. I love the chance for involvement in life, whether my own or through an invitation into someone else's.

My goal isn't to just build a business. In the end, I hope to enhance the lives of everyone involved. One of my major mantras in life is to have fun and help the other person look good. Will you join me?

Where You Can Find Me

I perform regular improv shows with Random Tangent in Draper, Off the Cuff in Cedar City, Quick Wits in Midvale, and The Comedy Loft in Ogden. On top of that, I work hard to support my wife as she travails the rigors of medical school. I travel across the Salt Lake Valley hosting workshops where I can, and I pursue my loves of motorcycles, reading, martial arts, the outdoors, and movies.


Begin where you begin.

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Richard Bennett, Former Student

Much like a personal trainer at the gym, Bryce trained us and helped us to stretch our abilities and perfect what talent we may have had. So, if your looking to cultivate skills of creativity or you simply want to be the kind of person that makes every one smile, then Bryce is your man. The possibilities are endless, just like the laughter.

Brittany James, Current Student

Being coached by Bryce Hess on an Improv team has got to be one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I've had. I came into the first workshop with no background of Improv and as time passed, I grew so much with my acting and thinking on the spot. Bryce creates a safe and supportive learning environment that helps everyone on the team to feel free to be themselves and to put themselves out there.

Ana Ramos, Former Student

Bryce saw in me something I had never seen in myself. Improv helped me with my English as well and took away the fear of people not understanding me; it made my insecurities a strength. Overall, improv helped me more than anything else in a hard period of transition in my life, and Bryce Hess taught me everything I know about the art, and I will be forever thankful for the faith he placed in me.
 Thanks Bryce!

Welcome to Finding Parallels

This is a concept adapted from our personal love of improv comedy. The very title of "Finding Parallels" provides you the first aspect of what we encourage and provide: that of the mirroring of life in Improvisational Art.

Laughter has a unique position in the world as a universal language, but so much more around it goes unnoticed. The love, confidence, trust, communication, listening, creativity, wit, teamwork, camaraderie, adventure, and of course, the comedy that this art-form requires to flourish, catches most people unaware. At Finding Parallels we don't focus on the comedy; we focus on the person.

Our clients appreciate the fun, unique, and safe atmosphere that accompanies our services. Using laughter we approach many facets of subconscious training and provide tools to bringing about change and growth. Improvisation is an extension of what we do every day, multiple times a day. Many view improv as purely an artistic function, or a comedic property that only a few gifted individuals possess. We can tell you that this is not true. Everyone is capable of improvising because everyone already does.

Join our workshops. Start at your beginning. See the differences a little faith, courage, and action can bring.


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